May 10, 2015

Submit Your Track

Drop the Bassline is an all-encompassing curation network comprised of over 700,000 unique Bass Heads which are expanding by upwards of 3,000 new followers every single day. With the rise of Electronic Dance Music, Drop the Bassline has been helping build unknown and established artists around the world since July of 2011. Chances are if you’re reading this, you are an artist, producer or a label representative interested in featuring your music on our networks. We’d like to thank you for everything you do for this industry and to encourage you to continue working hard towards bringing your dreams to fruition.

With the industry growing and artists emerging quicker than ever, the competition is fierce to stand out. Organic views seem more and more difficult to accrue and the struggle for some has become very real. Nonetheless, we are here to help.

Submission to our YouTube or Soundcloud channels

  • If you are interested in getting your track uploaded on our YouTube or Soundcloud channel, please submit all material to this email: We go through these every weekend. Please do not offer us any money to have your track uploaded. All uploads are strictly by submission only.

Interested in 3rd Party PR Exposure?

  • Are you still reading? We have officially teamed up with a highly recommended and reputable PR company to assist any underground or established artists who are looking to collaborate with quality PR managers to further push their releases. This company will have no stake in Drop the Bassline and will not be associated internally to avoid any conflicts of interest. We pride ourselves on clean, organic and quality promotion only. Please email so I can make the recommendation for you.


Thank you for your interested in Drop the Bassline. Our network has over 700,000 total fans and nearly 100 MILLION views. We hope that you can continue to support and share the music you love!

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