Gazzo – Inspire ft. Farewell Luna (Jai Wolf Remix) + Exclusive Interview

Gazzo - Inspire (Jai Wolf Remix)

Fresh off the recent success of his chill trap remixes of Skrillex, Foster the People, and Melanie Martinez, NYC producer, Jai Wolf, revisits his melodic dubstep roots with a hard hitting remix of Gazzo’s, “Inspire,” feat. Farewell Luna. Released as part of a package under the Disco Fries’ imprint, Liftoff RecordingsJai Wolf takes the remix out of the house house and into the grand ballroom, taking a warm, heartfelt melody and intertwining it with wobbly, 8-bit dub.

Luckily, I had the opportunity to sit down with Jai Wolf to get his take on production and his thoughts on his latest track. But after managing and working closely with Jai Wolf for over a year now, I decided that it would be too weird to interview him. So we decided to switch things up. Stream the remix below and check out the full interview after the jump!

Gazzo – Inspire ft. Farewell Luna (Jai Wolf Remix): iTunes Pre-order

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Exclusive Interview

Habstrakt & Megalodon to Release “The Storm EP” on Never Say Die


When two of dubstep’s finest names share the credentials for a Never Say Die EP, we get excited. This isn’t the first time Frenchman Habstrakt and American Megalodon have worked together; “40 Cows” was a hit off 2013′s “Boom EP”. In this teaser video they preview short clips of the 4-track “The Storm EP”, forthcoming on Skism’s legendary label October 15th. From the recently hyped “Yabba Dabs” to the cliché “Riddim 101″, you can tell that humour and bass are going to be mixed together in one fiery concoction. Watch the video below, and we’ll keep you updated closer to the full release.
Habstrakt & Megalodon – The Storm EP: Teaser Video

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Cazzette – Sleepless (Prince Fox & Jenaux Remix) [Free Download]: Amazing Future Bass Rework


Prince Fox? More like King Lion! The NYC native as been killing it lately with his amazing remixes, as I’m sure you’ll know unless you don’t have access to He scored an official release with his take of Route 94′s “My Love” and followed it up with one of the best Deadmau5 remixes I’ve heard in my life. He’s not backing down now; there’s never time to sit back and take all the glory in. Teaming up with Jenaux, they add a  magnificent Future Bass touch to Cazzette’s deep house project “Sleepless”. A more intense vibe is created with their powerful chords , something the original greatly needed. They have you captivated from the start, switching it up on the second drop to a housey rhythm that causes you to break out dancing. These two have a really bright future ahead of them, so I’d get following now!

Cazzette – Sleepless (Prince Fox & Jenaux Remix): Free Download

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LeKtriQue – Thunder EP [Kanbibalen]: Must Hear Gritty Bass Music


Montreal’s LeKtriQue is a man of many talents. When he’s not running Kannibalen Radio or pleasing crowds with his flesh eating beats, he’s in the studio cooking up something evil. Today he unleashes some filth in the form of the “Thunder EP”, a name associated with the fear of the natural world. Kannibalen Records are all about gritty bass and heaving skanking, and that’s exactly what this EP brings.

The title track features rapper Panther, who is no stranger to the label’s producers. It’s a heavy DnB track that tears through our speakers, warping synths into extra terrestrial life that are zooming towards planet Earth. On the flip is “Stormtroopers”, which sees LeKtriQue honing in on his preferred genre of complextro. A eerie piano is short lived as the track quickly drops, and the music seems to talk to you. Press play and prepare to be a taken to a dark world.

LeKtriQue – Thunder EP: Beatport

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Kill Paris Releases “Foreplay” Remixes ft. Joker, Krafty Kuts + more!

kill apris

After the success of his “Foreplay EP” 4 months ago, Kill Paris returns to OWSLA with a remix edition of the release. Random Movement provides a sultry DnB remix, Wicked City glitches out “Float” and “Falling In Love Again”, and Krafty Kuts goes garage for his version. However, being the bass music lovers we are, the Joker rendition stood out to us the most. Taking on “Silence Of Heartbreak”, he uses the vocal like he did on his mainstream breakout record “On My Mind”. The Bristol inspired sound of Purple prevails throughout, a style that has defined the produced to this very day. Marty Rod hits the high notes with ease, but Joker’s there with grimey bass stabs that could make even this chilled remix go off in a rave. The other reworks are worth listening to as well, you grab the full EP following the link below.

Kill Paris – Foreplay Remixes: iTunes

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[PREMIERE] Dillon Francis & Sultan + Ned Shepard – When We Were Young (Clips X Ahoy Remix) [Free Download]

clips x ahoy

Dillon Francis is taking risks with his new album “Money Sucks, Friends Rule”. Yes, he’s making a much needed return to his moombah roots, but he’s never been afraid to explore other genres of EDM and thus adding his Taco Bell touch. “When We Were Young” saw the superstar producer moving towards a more progressive house direction, so why can’t we get a future bass remix? Clips x Ahoy answers our call. The vibrant melody and sorrowful vocals of Chain Gang of 1974 are juxtaposed with a huge drop of colourful bass and exploding rhythms. September is only a week away and we’re trying to drain the last of the Summer vibes before August comes to an end. Stream the premiere below, and grab the free download via Clips x Ahoy’s Facebook page!

Dillon Francis & Sultan + Ned Shepard – When We Were Young (Clips X Ahoy Remix): Free Download

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YOOK!E & SwaggleRock – CAPBUSSA [Free Download]: Heavy Hybrid Trap


When I saw the names YOOK!E and SwaggleRock on the same track, I expected some ratchet twerk madness to ensue. Instead, they flip the switch and come out with a heavy hybrid sounding record, “CAPBUSSA”. The title alone conjures up images of gang members exchanging heaploads of gunfire, and here we have the soundtrack to this cinematic fiasco. A tribal drum pattern is all that can be heard as the track opens, but soon alien effects flood your senses. Before you understand what’s going on you hear a rowdy sample telling you to “Shut Up!”, and then the bass drops. You can already imagine yourself swaying to the beat as you read this. We need more 140 BPM productions from the trap duos, that’s for certain.

YOOK!E & SwaggleRock – CAPBUSSA: Free Download

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LOUDPVCK x gLAdiator ft. Nipsey Hustle – TONY [Ultra]: Huge Trap Anthem


GLADPVCK is officially a thing now. The mega quartet formed of Ryan MarksKenny Beats of LOUDPVCK, and Dan + Ian of gLAdiator started this huge project last week after debuting the “GLADPVCK Mix”. Fans were pleased to known it contained an early preview of their first single”TONY”, released today on Ultra Records. It’s screaming anthem over it, with blaring festival synths and thumping percussion. Rapper Nipsey Hustle features on the Scarface-themed record, keeping the track alive throughout and never leaving the listener the opportunity to rest. However, for all you hip-hop fans out there, unfortunately it’s just a sample and boasts no verses. The prospect of having Nipsey work with these two major trap outfits was a match made in heaven, but the production is quality so we’ll waver this minor disappointment.

LOUDPVCK x gLAdiator ft. Nipsey Hustle – TONY: iTunes

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Getter & Trampa – Bonesaw (TrollPhace Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]: Must Hear Heavy Track!


TrollPhace unleashes hell in the remix to Getter & Trampa’s Bonesaw

The bearded monster Damon Oreinti, known as TrollPhace,  is back with vengeance on the intensely heavy remix to Getter & Trampa’s “Bonesaw”.

As a celebration to just recently joining the highly prestigious Circle Talent Agency roster, which manages some of the industries biggest talents, including Bar9, Doctor P, Downlink, Caspa, Noisia, Subsape, and many more. What does this mean to us? Well, you can expect to see TrollPhace out and about in your local areas a whole ton more, and on many more festival line ups as well.

Keeping up with his very aggressively tear-out infused, metal induced take on Dubstep, the free released remix does not disappoint. Taking the original and giving a sick and twisted in your face push to it, the track is sure to raise some hell and make your head bang hard.

TrollPhace has seen a lot of attention this year after being brought into the spotlight from Skrillex’s Reddit Ask Me Anything back in March of this year, and then landing a place in the OWSLA team with the hard hitting remix to David Heartbreak’s “Rebel”.

Amongst a rigorous touring schedule throughout the Spring and Summer, TrollPhace has also just created his very own E-Juice flavours with V8P Bar, called TrollJuice.

This well established game changer continues to push some of the filthiest productions in the game, and is a bearded beast behind the decks. This Fall, TrollPhace, Mantis and Rekoil are combining their forces and will be in a city near you on the Electronic Death March Tour, dates TBA.

Grab your free download of Getter & Trampa – Bonesaw (TrollPhace Remix) now!

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Vladimir Nagrebetskiy (UA) – Fat Sound Is Coming : Colossal Moombahcore/Electro Track

fat sound


I just cannot get over how massive this tune is. Vladimir Nagrebetskiy is absolutely crushing it with his new moombahcore track, Fat Sound Is Coming. It begins with a guitar sounding like it’s straight out of a Metallica single, and it continues rapidly to a mind-crushing drop. This is, by far, the heaviest moombahcore I’ve ever heard. It combines massive wobbles, destructive growls, high pitched brostep synths, and vocal samples in a way that I’ve simply never seen before. The breakdown is an eerie sort of beauty, with its weak and almost dreading leads. All of this put together forms a gigantic moombahcore track that you need to listen to, right now.

Vladimir Nagrebetskiy (UA) – Fat Sound Is Coming: Beatport

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