Point Point présente – Filet Mignon Volume II (ft. Habstrakt, Alesia, Phazz + more!) [Free Download

fillet mignon

The French quartet known as Point Point, composed of Aazar, Devoted to god, L’homme aux 4 lettres & Nomak, have returned after their breakout single “Morning BJ, but this time hosting a 21-track mixtape. Featuring an expanse of French artists killing the Future Beats game, the compilation was designed to showcase up and coming talent as well as already established producers. Admittedly, Habstrakt and Alesia are the only familar names on the tracklist, but after a thorough listen I’ve become fans of all the artists on the bill. Yung Lean’s “Kyoto” gets flipped by Uncle Habby into a downtempo trap record, and being a proper Sadboy this hits right home. Another personal favourite is Azar’s “Masala”, sampling sounds of the far East and adding a moombah touch that would destroy any Indian club. Check out the rest of the tracks on the “Filet Mignon II” mixtape below through the Soundcloud embed and let us know your favourites. Oh, did I mention you can download all these track for FREE?

We are proud to announce the second edition of the mixtape ‘Filet Mignon’.

Throughout this mixtape, let us present to you the artistic generation of tomorrow, cruising through a multitude of different style, you will be taken in the universe of those young artist/Producers that have collaborated on this project, that we cherish.

Point Point

Point Point présente – Filet Mignon Volume II: Free Download

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Dec3mber – Square Eyed EP [High Intensity]: Must Hear Bass Music EP


Our boy Dec3mber is back with 4 brand new tracks on High Intensity Records. I first heard of his name through his alias Caution & Crisis, along with his cousin James, with their insane dubstep mixes they uploaded to YouTube. Focusing more on the solo side of things, he now works under the Dec3mber moniker.

We’ve previously featured Dec3mber here before, but nothing can compare to what’s waiting inside the “Square Eyed EP”. It opens with “Smash Up”, featuring Tempest. Being a fan of grimey dubstep, this is right down my alley. Just as the title suggests, as soon as you press play you can expect the be smashed in the face with a flurry of bass (rhyme not intended). “Return” sees the 20-year-old producer venturing into 128 BPM territory for a gritty, 8-bit electro house banger. Next on the bill is a collaboration with Dublicate, displaying a fusion of light chords and bass growls. I would say this is Harvey’s signature sound, as demonstrated in his breakout track “I Want You”. “Sonder” is last on the EP, and also the most chilled out. Featuring the sombre vocals of RomyHarmony, it has Chillstep elements whilst still maintaining a powerful vibe, an ideal closer to any dubstep set. If you like what you hear, support the upcoming producer by copping this EP on Beatport.

Dec3mber – Square Eyed EP: Beatport

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Elliot Berger ft. Ranja – Hold On [Free Download]: Downtempo Melodic Dubstep

hold on

Elliot Berger truly outdid himself with this record. What’s striking about “Hold On” is that the vocals aren’t the main focus. Usually with melodic dubstep, the singer is placed at the beginning of the track over mellow piano keys, before dropping into intense synths or filthy bass. However, the Maidstone-based producer uses the vocals of himself and Ranja as a backdrop to the calm synths, creating a melancholy atmosphere. The duet is amazing, and adds to the future-ness of this track. You can download “Hold On” for free via No Copyright Sounds.

Elliot Berger ft. Ranja – Hold On: Free Download

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There’s an Ariana Grande & Cashmere Cat Collab, “Be My Baby”


After enlisting Zedd on production duties for “Break Free”, Ariana Grande continues her EDM invasion with a collaboration with Norwegian producer Cashmere Cat. This is a match made in heaven, as Ariana’s smooth R&B vocals are perfect for the future beats of Cashmere Cat. No official audio yet, but you can preview a small section of the track in the YouTube clip below, ripped from Cashmere’s recent MoMa PS1 set.

Ariana Grande & Cashmere Cat – Be My Baby: Peview

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[EXCLUSIVE] Point.Blank – Diamonds (Venemy Remix) [Free Download]: Spacey Chilled Dubstep

venemy diamonds

When we heard Venemy’s “Mystery EP” on Play Me Records, we knew we had to get an exclusive from this guy. A quick search of his name on Soundcloud, and you’ll find his stunning chillstep originals. We’re surprised he only has 2,000 followers, but hopefully that’s about to change after you’ve heard this. Today we have the pleasure of gifting you with a free download of Venemy’s remix of “Diamonds”, originally by Point.Blank.

The Belgian producer takes the filthy dubstep track and makes it into a record of his own, adding spacey chords and a 4×4 beat which you can’t help but shuffle to. The enchanting vocals of Amber Noel drift over intense chords as the sub bass punches through the track. Interesting remix as it completely flips the first version on it’s head. Download below and be sure to keep an eye out for Venemy by giving him a follow on his Facebook and Twitter pages linked below.

Point.Blank – Diamonds (Venemy Remix): Free Download

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[PREMIERE] Dubloadz – Furry Things In The Snackbar [Space Muzik]: Crazy Wonky Dubstep

space muzik

Last week marked the debut release from up and coming producer Dubloadz. I say that lightheartedly, as this dude is making serious moves in the dubstep game right now. Picked up by SMOG, the “Jugular EP” had been supported by the likes of MUST DIE!, 12th Planet, ProtoHype & Eptic, and in it’s first week of sales jumped to #3 in the Beatport charts. Now he’s back with a single as part of a larger compilation, brought to you by Space Muzik, the new imprint from dubstep veteran Cotti.

“Furry Things In The Snackbar” is typical Dubloadz. His signature sound is sampling video games and cartoons, and here he draws inspiration from the toy Furby. This comedic angle he approaches his tracks with always make his records a pleasure to listen to, constantly innovating the genre. Known for his dark, wonky sounds, the crazy explosion of  bass combined with funny FX sets “Furry Things In The Snackbar” outside of the rest.

The “All Stars EP” will also feature tracks from P0gman, Cotti, The Wevaman, BloodThinnerz, Standard Procedure, Orien, Seraph, Spin Sir as well as Cotti himself. Pre-order the compilation below on iTunes, and be sure to give Dubloadz a follow on Facebook to stay up to date with new tracks and shows.

Space Muzik Presents: All Stars EP: Pre-Order on iTunes

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Bastille, Audien & Party Thieves – Pompeii (Slander Heaven Trap Edit) [Free Download]: Incredible Remix


Presenting a remix of a remix a remix. Bastille’s “Pompeii” was huge, Audien’s remix was even huger, Party Thieves added the Festival Trap touch, and now Slander have added melodic chords for their own “Heaven Trap” edit”. Read what they had to say about the track, and catch them on tour here.

Here it is…. the 3rd chapter of #HeavenTrap Music!!!! This moment…. marks a great step forward for our community. This song came to be in a very inspiring way. About a month ago we went on Soundcloud and searched the tag “Heaven Trap”…. to our surprise we saw tons of you guys are making it!! It was truly amazing to see, and we can’t thank you guys enough for supporting our sound. One of these tracks was made by Party Thieves, and it stood out strongly amongst the rest. That moment we hit him up for stems because we wanted to edit his track for our live show…. he replied and sent over the pieces. As we were working we realized he had pitched up the entire track up for his version and it wasn’t exactly what we had in mind to play out. We then wrote him back to let him know that we wouldn’t be able to use any of his stems for our version, but that we would still add him as a collaborator on the track. We really want to support artists making this sound…. so we felt this would be a great way to boost up a very talented up-n-comer. All his socials are listed below and we invite you to check out his music. Thank you so much for the continuing support… we love you guys and hope you enjoy the song! <3Slander

Bastille, Audien & Party Thieves – Pompeii (Slander Heaven Trap Edit): Free Download

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Adventure Club ft. Yuna – Gold (Twofold Remix) [Free Download]: Amazing Chillstep


Last week Candyland & REVOKE gave us a sick chilled out trap rendition of Adventure Club’s “Gold”, and now it’s time for a melodic dubstep remix. Twofold has been on a roll lately, culminating in them winning the EDC Discovery Project to play at the legendary Las Vegas festival. Their “Correlations EP” with Dr. Ozi is coming next month on Buygore, but whilst you wait for that here’s an epic freebie from the boys. Yuna’s vocals are amazing, and every time I heard this track they just get better and better. The lone piano melody is accompanied with her soft voice, bringing out the feels inside us. Then the powerful synths kick in, taking us to another dimension with the strong chord progression. Listen for yourself below and download for free via Twofold’s Facebook page.

Adventure Club ft. Yuna – Gold (Twofold Remix): Free Download

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Two Fresh – Blimpus EP [SMOG]: Must Hear Future Bass Release

two fresh

Ever since I watched the animated video for “Blimpus”, I knew Two Fresh had created something big. Bring forth the “Blimpus EP”, a 6 track play on American bass music giants SMOG. The twin brothers know no boundaries when it comes to making music, amplified by their frequent participation in Team Supreme’s weekly beat cyphers. They seamlessly infuse trap and hip hop whilst drawing inspiration from all corners of electronic music to create their own sound. As well as the 3 originals “Shotta”, “Blimpus” and “To The Top”, the title track gets reworked by 3 producers. Starkey adds his lethal dose of base to the track, creating a purple grime / dubstep remix that’s set to ignite clubs. Next is Lil Texas, who adds a 4×4 beat and chops up “Blimpus” into a Jersey Club banger. Last but not least is a powerful jungle / breakbeat rework from Atlantic Connection, who manages to keep the vibe of the original whilst kicking up the drums to a crazy level. Stream & download the EP below.

Two Fresh – Blimpus EP: iTunes

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Lookas – LOKO [Free Download]: Must Hear Festival Trap Banger


Lookas is a name which everybody should know by now. His insane Festival Trap remixes and originals have garned him to be one of the hottest acts in the game, who’s quickly making moves to the top of the industry hierarchy. “Loko” is an intense flurry of house synths and pounding 808s over a 140 BPM half-time rhythm. He cleverly uses percussive switch ups, such as the change to a hardstyle beat at the 1:46 mark, to leave the crowds wanting more. Download “Loko” below for free, and head over to his Facebook page to see when he’s next playing live in your city.

Lookas – LOKO: Free Download

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