6 EDM Podcasts That Don’t Suck


I’m fed up with listening to house podcasts that are 1-hour long but only contain 12 tracks. Hardwell, Nicky Romero and practically every other big house DJ are all culprits of doing this. Yes, their busy touring schedules might not give them time to find 30 new tracks every week , but as an avid EDM listener I demand more music in 60 mintues! That’s where this post comes in. I’m here to show you 6 podcasts that you may have or haven’t heard of before. Spanning across all genres, these 6 independently ran shows are always delivering the best quality tracks from that week’s releases. In no particular order, check out the full list after the jump.

Full List

Varien – Gun Metal Black [Monstercat]: Must Hear Metal Infused Dubstep


Imagine if metal, dubstep, psytrance and Asian action movies all met. The result would be “Gunmetal Black”, an outstanding production from none other than Monstercat’s very own Varien. The intro seems like it’s been directly taken from a film, with the epic cinematic scoring and intense soundscapes taking you to the far East. In today’s age the focus lies solely on the drop, but Varien scraps this view and works each area of the track meticulously to bring on a full experience as you listen. The added guitars add to the fast moving atmosphere as the eerie FX submerges you into a 3 minute masterpiece. It would be great to have some visuals to accompany and to bring it to life, but for now you can listen in full to the track using the Soundcloud player below.

Varien – Gunmetal Black: Beatport


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Danny Brown – Smokin & Drinkin (TroyBoi Remix) [Fool's Gold]: Incredible Trap Remix


On a remix EP stacked with big producers like Boys Noize, Jack Beats & DJ Sliink, you might be surprised we chose to feature the rendition from the lesser known name on the release. With the help of The EDM Network acting as a backbone to his career, TroyBoi’s productions have been exposed to thousands and have sky rocketed him into success. Following an official remix for Little Mix, Fool’s Gold have hired him to take on A-Track-produced “Smokin & Drinkin”, from Danny Brown’s “Old” album. He brings an Eastern influence with a shuffling trap remix; a fresh representative of the genre in a scene which lacks originiality. If this isn’t your cup of tea, be sure to check out the other 3 remixes when you get your copy through iTunes below. Enjoy!

Danny Brown – Smokin & Drinkin Remixes EP: iTunes

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The Gremlins & K.E.V – Blowing Out The Pound EP: Wonky Dubstep

blowing out the pound

Out goal at Drop the Bassline is to bring you your daily dose of filth. Heck, it’s even in our name. Today we present you with a collective you may not have heard before, but are slowly making a name for themselves with their insane wonky productions. Consisting of producers Jam PRD, Deemed, K.E.V, Jacko and MC Coax, they’ve been putting in work since the early days of the scene (K.E.V founded Dubstep FM London) and are know seeing they’re efforts flourish. The “Blowing Out The Pound EP” is just heaviness after heaviness; a wide array of sounds that would destroy any dance floor. The title track also gets reworked by BloodThinnerz and P0gman, and to finish the release there’s a cheeky VIP of K.E.V’s huge 2013 tune with Airvalue “Blunt After Blunt”. Stream the EP minimix below and grab your copy today on Beatport.

The Gremlins & K.E.V – Blowing Out The Pound EP: Beatport

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Lost – Body Bag EP [RVRSL]: Must Hear Diverse EP

body bag

One of the original pioneers of he genre, when someone like Lost releases new music you know it’s going to get posted here. Before my first listen, I was initially expecting his usual wobbly madness, but this 3-track EP showcases a wider variety of styles and sounds that the producer wants to bring to the table. Whilst “The Plot” fits into said category of wonky flth, the title track flips to the other side of the dubstep spectrum with a cruising deep roller. “Roxanne” is the most interesting track on the release for me. I wouldn’t call it dubstep. I wouldn’t call it trap. It’s more of a chiller piece with elevator chimes and mellow 808s underlying weird FX. Definitely one of his more diverse EPs to date. Download your own copy through Beaport below.

Lost – Body Bag EP: Beatport

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Kastra – Jiggle it [Brooklyn Fire]: Groovy House Banger

jiggle it

Sometimes all it takes is a support list stacked with big DJ names to convince me to post a track. If your support list is so large that it won’t fit in one Tweet, than you must have cooked up a banger. In what he describes as cross between “Botnek and Melbourne Bounce”, Kastra has made a groovy house track that will have people shuffling worldwide. With early playout from Diplo, DVBBS, Kaskade, Laidback Luke, Fatboy Slim, Mercer… I could go on forever. I hope you’re getting the message now on how big “Jiggle It” is. Something about that gritty synth makes is stand out from your typical house record, and as an avid dubstep fan it hits right home with me. Currently sitting at #96 in the Beatport Electro House charts, this could just be the breakout track the upcoming producer needs to secure success. Help him out by purchasing the track below and follow Kastra on Soundcloud for more sick music.

Kastra – Jiggle It: Beatport

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Dubloadz – Jugular EP [SMOG]: 5 Tracks Of Heavy Dubstep


About a year ago I came across a man called Dubloadz through the YouTube channel DubsUPHoesDOWN. He only had around 800 Soundcloud followers at the time and had no label releases to his name. His unique sound consisting of heavy bass and comedic samples left fans coming back for more, and just 12 months later his following now sits at 11,000. A shout out from Skrillex’s Reddit AMA sky rocketed him into success, subsequently getting picked up by 12th Planet for an EP on SMOG. Though I don’t him personally, a little part inside of me is proud of Dubloadz for getting this far so quickly whilst continuing to push the boundaries of the genre and promoting the more underground sound.

The “Jugular EP” is not to be taken lightly. “Heat” begins the intense session of filth, as an empty intro creates a huge antithesis for an in-your-face drop. Next is is anticipated track with TrollPhace “Dangalang”. Due to copyright reasons, the original Ludacris sample was removed, but I think the 12th Planet version does the job better. “Ill Communication”, “Sour Patch” and “Whoa Dude!” are tracks that haven’t seen as much playout as the first 2, but still hit hard. If you like dubstep, buy this EP, you won’t regret it. If you’re still not convinced, just remember that these tracks has received support from MUST DIE!, ProtoHype & Excision as well as the previously mentioned bass music giants. Enjoy!

Dubloadz – Jugular EP: iTunes | Beatport

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Armin Van Buuren – Ping Pong (Dani Deahl Remix): Bouncy Twerk Trap Rework

ping pong

When this remix was fired over to me, the headline read “Armada Releasing Trap Music?”. This got me thinking; if Armin van Buuren’s legendary trance label was releasing a trap record then it would have to be really really good to receive such a worthy award. That’s exactly what Dani Deahl has delivered with her twerk remix of “Ping Pong”. The name itself already tells you about the bouncy rhythm of the original, but no speed represents the movement of a table tennis ball better than 100 BPM. Here’s what Armin himself had to say about the remix, and watch out for when it officially drops on July 28th!

You’ve heard ‘Ping Pong’… but you’ve never heard it like this! This one goes LOW, with the subs pounding to make the party go crazy. Dani Deahl turns the original melody into a beast of a trap track, primed and ready for the main stage!Armin Van Buuren

Armin Van Buuren – Ping Pong (Dani Deahl Remix): Out July 28th

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Scroobius Pip – The Struggle (Doctor P Remix) (Getter & AFK VIP) [Free Download]

the stuggle

“My name’s Johnny Depp and I kill people”. It’s hard to believe that the iconic Doctor P remix of “The Stuggle” came out all the way back in 2011; back when dubstep was at it’s pivotal point. Getter and AFK have just got off their GNARtillery Tour, and all that time on the road was bound to produce a stackload of collaborations. Here they bring us a remix of a remix, adding their signature robotic heavy sounds and giving the track a 2014 makeover. They’ve been kind enough to release it for free, so get downloading!

Scroobius Pip – The Struggle (Doctor P Remix) (Getter & AFK VIP): Free Download

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Lorde – Tennis Court (Diplo Remix): Preview Crazy Remix

diplo tennis court

Previously teased through his Instagram page, Diplo has now previewed the full version of his “Tennis Courts” remix via Soundcloud. Everyone’s heard the Flume remix (9 million plays in 2 months is no easy feat), but the Mad Decent head hencho has decided to give it the Summer spin with a more uplifting twist. Unfortunately there’s no download, but just as he did with his “Drunk In Luv” remix, I’m sure it’ll be activated very soon. Enjoy!

Lorde – Tennis Court (Diplo Remix): Stream Only

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